Nena Ristich, owner and creative director of the Ajna Tulum brand, was born in Serbia and grew up in Bern (Switzerland), where she attended the best private schools. She speaks six different languages fluently. At the age of 14 she started working as a model in Zurich and two years later she joined the prestigious “Elite Model” agency. She then moved to New York at the age of 19 to study acting, a subject she would then continue to study to Paris in 2003, where she walked on the most prestigious runways. Success came in Italy in 2004 and Milan became her city of adoption.

Living in one of the most important world capitals of fashion brings out Nena’s creative talent who, at the age of 24, designs and creates her first fashion collection “Nena Ristich Bain De Minuit”: soft kaftans and unique pieces crafted with fine Italian fabrics.

In these years, Nena begins her discovery of Mexico and to become passionate about local culture and fashion. Meeting with native communities during her travels, the colors, spirituality, and nature of this magical country attract her so much that she decides to leave Italy and start a new project in Mexico – precisely in Tulum: Ajna Tulum is born, a sustainable lifestyle brand with refined designs, a tribute to the spiritual world, aimed at supporting artisans and local communities.

In addition to being a successful business woman, Nena is first and foremost the mother of a beautiful 14-year-old girl, Allegra.

For autumn / winter 2015, the “Nena Ristich” capsule collection comes to life. Presented for the first time during Milan Fashion Week and featured in the official calendar of the “Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana”, the collection is of great success and is distributed in the most important Italian and European stores.

AJNA Tulum

There is a word that is now part of our common language and we hear it over and over: sustainability.

Sustainability focuses on the good of the community and the environment and has for some years now attracted the attention of the fashion industry, which more than any other industry tries to influence our lifestyles. Born in 2019 in the lush and exuberant vegetation of the Tulum forest, from an idea of designer Nena Ristich, Ajna Tulum is a lifestyle brand (clothing, accessories and products for body-and-spirit care) which is based on two important values: support of local communities and respect for the environment. It collaborates with Mexican artists for the creation of its products and local female labor, with the aim of preserving the cultural heritage of indigenous communities. There is also that touch of internationality given by careful research of materials during Nena’s frequent travels around the world and by the connection with artisans and art forms from other continents.

What does Ajna mean? Ajna, the sixth chakra, is also known as the third eye. It is an expression, familiar to many, associated with inner vision, with experiences of awakening and enlightenment, moments in which “your eyes really open”.

The collection is inspired by the spirituality and symbolism typical of Mexican indigenous communities. Our creative director’s love for nature and local culture have driven the creation of the brand. A complete, full-range genderless collection characterized by high quality materials and high attention to detail: unseasonal ponchos, kimonos, dresses, jumpsuits, Kaftani, hoods, tops, pants and leather garments make Ajna Tulum a total, unique and unrepeatable look. Precious silks from India, organic and recycled cottons, linen and ikat are the predominant fabrics of the collection.

All garments are hand-made in Mexico. Hand-painted symbols or precious embroideries by local artists and craftsmen make each garment unique. The wide color range recalls the elements of mother earth. Tie-dye washes, obtained with natural and environmentally friendly techniques, enrich the collection. A small, rigorously recycled denim capsule, with refined designs, completes the offer.

The Ajna Tulum collection also features various accessories and products for the body and spirit.

The creative director, Nena Ristich, states: “With this collection we want to celebrate love, life and creation. Each garment is steeped in the knowledge and magic of our ancestors and shamans. Mexico is a country rich in traditions and ancestral wisdom. The ceremonies and blessings I have taken part in over recent years have given me the opportunity to reconnect with nature, with the human being and with my spirit.

Our motto? Dress your body with natural and meaningful clothes to elevate your soul”