Between Body and Spirit


“With this collection we want to celebrate love, life and creation. Each garment is steeped in the knowledge and magic of our ancestors and shamans. Mexico is a country rich in traditions and ancestral wisdom. The ceremonies and blessings I have taken part in over recent years have given me the opportunity to reconnect with nature, with the human being and with my spirit.

Our motto? Dress your body with natural and meaningful clothes to elevate your soul”.

– Nena Ristich


What does Ajna mean?

Ajna, the sixth chakra, is also known as the third eye. It is an expression, familiar to many, associated with inner vision, with experiences of awakening and enlightenment, moments in which “your eyes really open”.


The collection is inspired by the spirituality and symbolism typical of Mexican indigenous communities. Our creative director’s love for nature and local culture have driven the creation of the brand. A complete, full-range genderless collection characterized by high quality materials and high attention to detail: unseasonal ponchos, kimonos, dresses, jumpsuits, Kaftani, hoods, tops, pants and leather garments make Ajna Tulum a total, unique and unrepeatable look. Precious silks from India, organic and recycled cottons, linen and ikat are the predominant fabrics of the collection.